Azimio and UDA supporters clash in Kisii leaves four injured

Police control Azimio and Kenya Kwanza suppoters in Kisii

Police in Kisii have opened an inquiry after horrific incidents that were witnessed in the town’s Central Business District on Saturday night as youth supporting Azimio and the UDA faction battled.

At least 10 victims of the event on Saturday were sent to the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital with stab and cut wounds. Opposition leader Raila Odinga has blamed Kisii clashes between Pro-Azimio and Pro-UDA youths.

In a statement on Saturday, the ODM leader condemned the attack as he accused the state of working with people he termed as ‘known criminals’.

He insisted that youths who attended Friday’s anti-government at the Gusii Stadium were victims of the attack.

“That the attackers were led by a well-known jailbird and hardcore criminal with several warrants of arrest to his name, is an indication that we are back to rule by thuggery and hooliganism,” Raila said.

Speaking in the hospital where the youths are still being treated, Kisii Governor Simba Arati alleged that security personnel were hesitant to diffuse the tension between the opposing parties.

‘It is sad that people who were meant to maintain peace and order are now lying in bed in this hospital under the full gaze of police officers.’

Arati attributed the failure to control the violence in Kisii to Interior Ministry Secretary Kithure Kindiki.

“I want to beg Kindiki… You’ve won the elections; now it’s time to bring the community together. You can’t be combating banditry while there are police-protected criminals mushrooming all over town, Arati added.