Former Kiambu Governor, Ferdinard Waititu

The high court has temporarily suspended the appointment of former governor Ferdinand Waititu alias Baba Yao to the Nairobi Rivers Commission. The move implemented by justice Hedwig Ong’udi after the law society of Kenya (LSK) filled a petition challenging his appointment by President Ruto.

‘A conservatory order is hereby issued staying the appointment of the 1st respondent as commissioner of the 4th respondent and or any appointment to any other state or public office pending the hearing and determination of the petition’ the judge ruled.

The former Kiambu governor was impeached on January 2020 and lost subsequent court battles to reverse the decision. Justice Ongudi stated that it was very likely for Mr. Waititu to be sworn in before the case was finalized. She further reiterated that this was due to chapter 6 of the constitution leadership and integrity act and the impact of Waititu:s appointment to the public office.