Police scene cross line

Sixty human trafficking victims who were being detained at an apartment in Tassia on their way to being sold as slaves abroad have been rescued by detectives.

Based on information, detectives from the DCI’s Transnational & Organized Crime Unit tracked the victims to a residence in Tassia, Embakasi, Nairobi County with the assistance of police stationed there. When the cops entered the flat after securing the perimeter of the building, they were met by the anguished faces of the victims who had been cruelly packed together in one room. The victims, who ranged in age from 14 to 50, were being trafficked against their will from two nations that border Kenya to the north.

Further investigation revealed that the 60 victims had been temporarily transported to the area while the traffickers looked for other means of smuggling them out of the country unnoticed. Three individuals of Somali descent were detained during the operation on suspicion of being a part of a wider human trafficking organization operating throughout the Horn of Africa. The three were named as Sala Yusuf, 23, Mohammed Omar Aden, 29, and Halima Mohammed Osman, 43.

The perpetrators and the victims are now being detained at several Nairobi police stations for judicial proceedings.