Donations to the vulnerable to pass through county emergency response committees for approval

Central region Commissioner Wilfred Nyangwanga speaks to the press in Nyeri town

Central regional Commissioner Wilfred Nyangwanga has directed all food donations to vulnerable groups in the area to be approved by the respective County Covid-19 Emergency Response Committees before distribution to the beneficiaries.

Nyangwanga was reacting to allegations that a donor gave food that was unfit for human consumption to vulnerable people in Kikuyu, Kiambu County.

Speaking to the press in Nyeri town, the Commissioner made it clear that any donor giving food to the residents must pass through the County Covid-19 Emergency Response Committees that comprises of public health officials who analyse it before distribution.

 “We have already seized food claimed to be bad.Nobody should donate food in the county without passing through the committee so that they can confirm that food is fit for human consumption,” Nyangwanga stated.

The region boss added, “We have stopped that kind of behaviour from today,” noting that the public health officers are analysing the samples to verify the claims.

He said after analysing the food, the law would take its course on those found culpable.

Nyangwanga urged the local residents to follow guidelines by the government to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

 The Commissioner noted that reviving the economy in the post Covid-19 pandemic would be frustrated if people defied government directives on the disease.

He said that the government has rolled out various programmes and pumped in immense resources to cushion Kenyans against the effects of Covid-19.

Nyangwanga cited cash transfer through mobile phones to most vulnerable people, National hygiene programme, KWS scouts and money set aside to revive tourism, SME s fund, funds for the hotel industry and KFS forestation programme among others.

A total of Sh. 362,226,000 will go 362,226 vulnerable caregivers with 938,042 dependents at Sh 1,000 weekly in central region through the cash transfer programme.