Frustrated CJ Maraga speaks out

Chief Justice David Maraga

Chief Justice David Maraga has come out guns blazing called out President Uhuru Kenyattta over disregard of court orders and the rule of law by the Executive.

Addressing a press briefing on Monday, Maraga said the failure by President Kenyatta to appoint the 41 judges recommended by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Chief Justice David Maraga during a press briefing on Monday 8th June 2020.

Maraga accused the Executive of being notorious in disrespecting court orders, citing numerous instances in the recent past.

The Judges were recommended by JSC in July 2019 for appointment to the Court of Appeal, the Environment and Land Court and the Employment and Labor Relations Court formed the basis of Maraga’s frustrations.

“The President has persisted in this refusal despite orders in two cases requiring him to swear in these judges within 14 days,” he said.

The Head of State has been categorical that he will not approve the list of judges sent to him by the commission due to integrity issues, claims Maraga said he is not aware of.

“I have challenged the Executive to table before the JSC the alleged information of lack of integrity it has against some of the 41 nominees. Some of the individuals the Executive claims to have adverse information against are serving judges.”

And he added “If the Executive’s allegations are true, these persons should not, then, be serving Judges. However, no evidence whatsoever was availed to the JSC both during the interviewing process and after.”

Maraga had last week protested an Executive Order by the President which he said undermines the independence of his office.