President Uhuru Kenyatta with his Deputy William Ruto. PHOTO|COURTESY

Donald Kisaka Mwawasi, a Kenyan pastor residing in the United States, has petitioned the High Court to appoint a mediator to resolve the conflict between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his vice President William Ruto.

Mwawasi stated in the court filings that he and former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko attempted to mediate a cease-fire but were unsuccessful.

Sonko has been named in the plea which asks that the conflict between the two leaders be settled before to the elections on August 9.

The two noted that a similar procedure had occurred in Gambia when they stated that the courts may play a significant role in bridging the divisions between the two leaders.

The petitioners contended that the case needed to be resolved quickly due to the impending elections through their lawyer George Khaminwa.

However, the pair claimed that Attorney General Paul Kihara’s inability to counsel the Head of State was partly responsible.

“The AG’s failure to take measures to initiate, encourage or advise the government on the need for reconciliatory and mediation measures is in violation of Article 156 of the Constitution to safeguard the public interest,” he stated.

In recent intense public arguments between Uhuru and Ruto, the head of state accused his deputy of ignoring his responsibilities and concentrating on his political campaigns while Deputy President has accused the President of harboring an unjustified grudge for him.