Police IG, Japhet Koome together with his deputy, Noor Gabow

The inspector general of police and the National police service were yesterday on the receiving end of Kenyan’s backlash as they debuted their uniform.

IG Koome was photographed wearing a light blue shirt during a meeting with his deputy, Noor Gabow, and Chief Justice Martha Koome, among other officials at the Supreme Court.

This is a shift from the all-royal blue uniform police officers have been wearing for since 2018 after former president Uhuru Kenyatta phased out the old uniforms.

Kenyans have elicited mixed reactions following the unveiled new set of police uniforms.

Some of the Kenyans urged the police to improve their reforms and affairs instead of changing their uniforms.

Others have also urged the government to consider Turkana people who don’t have food and those who are attacked by the banditry.

The National Police Service Commission told the task force it wants police to revert to the old police uniform for general duty officers and not the deep blue introduced in 2019. Other units in the National Police Service such as Administration Police Service and General Service Unit use jungle green uniforms and will maintain their current uniforms.

Police have also been told that they are free to wear the old khaki uniform.

The officers will continue using both old and new uniforms pending the outcomes of a task force established to look into police and prison reforms.