Mwiti Kathaara (left) with DP William Ruto and MC Jessy.

Before the August elections, popular comedian Jasper Muthomi, alias MC Jessy, has stated that he will run as an independent candidate for the South Imenti parliamentary seat.
On Monday, the MP candidate said on his Twitter account that he is still in the race and that he will fight hard to win the seat.
“Like an arrow from the hand of a powerful man. Bado Tuko kwa race continues. Let’s do this, South Imenti, on the 9th of August “he penned
This comes after he dropped his United Democratic Alliance (UDA) parliamentary bid for Imenti South in favour of Mwiti Kathaara, who is running for the same seat.
“After suspending his parliamentary quest in favour of Mwiti Kathaara for the South Imenti seat, MC Jessy (Jasper Muthomi) will join the presidential campaign team,” DP Ruto tweeted on Wednesday.
MC Jessy hopes to unseat Kathuri Murungi, the Member of Parliament for the South Imenti Constituency since March 2013.