The ongoing rains have cut-off railway transport along the Nairobi-Nakuru line after several sections including Kijabe and View Point were swept away by flood waters. 

This follows heavy rains that hit Mai Mahiu area of Naivasha for two days running flooding the area and paralyzing all means of transport and destroying homes and displacing families.

Following the destruction, Kenya Railways suspended transport along the route as engineers moved in to access and rectify the damage.

According to a senior manager from railways who declined to be named, the Kijabe section was the most affected with underground soil washed away adding that the company was keenly monitoring the ongoing rains with fears that they could cause more damage to the railway lines.

Naivasha  Deputy County  commissioner Mathioya Mbogo confirmed that the floods had left a trail of destruction in Kijabe and Mai Mahiu areas adding that other feeder roads and bridges had also been swept away.

Mathioya attributed the damages to the ongoing rains mainly in Nyandarua and Kinale forests with several dams in the area said to be over spilling.

“We have advised families living near seasonal rivers and dams in Kijabe area to relocate as the rains are getting heavier by the day,” he said.

He at the same time added that the busy Moi South Lake road which leads to flower farms in Naivasha was under repair after a section was washed away last week.