4-year-old baby saved in Tsavo after surviving the wilderness for six days

Following his viral survival tale, Ayub Ahmed, a 4-year-old kid who was rescued from Tsavo East National Park on Monday, December 5, got offers that will change his life.

The child was given a kind offer to help pay for his studies after he spent six days eating amarula-seed-like pods and drinking rainwater in the Tsavo wild.

Roan Carr-Hartley, a pilot for the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT), said that a well-wisher who was born in Kenya offered to help Ayub and his siblings.

The pilot claims  tourists and other donors have chosen to donate to his community in Tana River County because of his survival tale. The area’s history has also evolved.

Ayub’s father said that the 4-year-old was safe even though he is still recovering.

“It was an emotional reunion. I could see how happy these people were, and I could only imagine how the village that was in a sombre mood when we left would rejoice to learn of this rescue,” he said.

The pilot, who had been approached by the villagers who had been looking for the 4-year-old for days, managed to rescue the child unharmed from deep within the thick jungle.

“The boy was covered in mosquito bites and scratches from the bristling thorn bushes. His feet were blistered and riddled with thorns and cuts,” the pilot reported.