Residents need serious sensitization campaigns against Covid-19

Ndhiwa MP Martin Owino gives out bar soaps for hand washing to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at Magina Chief’s Camp.
Photo By Dan Oduor KNA.

There is need for continued sensitization campaigns for Homa Bay residents against the spread  of Covid-19 due to its high rate of HIV-Aids prevalence.

Speaking at Magina chief’s camp in South Kabuoch ward during the launch of coronavirus awareness campaign, Ndhiwa MP Martin Owino challenged the County leaders to work together and sensitise residents on prevention of the deadly virus.

Owino argued that the underlying opportunistic diseases associated with HIV-Aids can easily make residents lose their lives should they contract the coronavirus.

Homa Bay has high number of people living with HIV-Aids across the country.

According to the Kenya Population-Based HIV Impact Assessment (Kenphia) report released in February this year, the county’s HIV prevalence is 19.6 per cent.

The MP said the statistics put Homa Bay residents at higher risk of losing lives should many of them contract the coronavirus.

Some of the underlying ailments that come with HIV-Aids are Tuberculosis (TB), Pneumonia, and Cancer.

Health experts  argue  that people with the pre-existing health conditions can easily die if they contract coronavirus.

“The immune systems of people living with HIV-Aids are weak and they
can die easily it they contract other infections such as covid-19,”
Owino said.

The legislator urged  the national, county government and health stakeholders to put more efforts in preventive measures against spread of Covid-19 in  the area.             

Homa Bay has recorded three positive cases of covid-19 so far.