Alarm raised over rise in home deaths as Covid phobia keeps the sick away from hospital

Ahadi Kenya Trust CEO Stanley Kamau giving food to an elderly woman at Gachami Chief’s camp in Othaya Constituency, Nyeri, when he distributed food and other essentials to vulnerable people in the area to cushion them against the effects of Covid-19.

Ahadi Kenya Trust Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stanley Kamau has raised alarm over rising cases of sick people dying in homes after refusing to go to hospital out of fear of contracting the deadly Coronavirus disease.

He said a sense of heightened dread about the contagion had crept into the society so much so that it was scaring sick people away from hospitals resulting into rising cases of deaths in homes.

“I am very saddened to note that there are so many burials going on in this country since the outbreak of Coronavirus,” lamented Kamau.

He said the Covid-19 phobia had forced many sick people to put off treatment over fears of contracting the virus by going to hospital.

Speaking yesterday at Gachami Chief’s camp in Othaya Town, Nyeri, when he distributed food and other essentials to vulnerable families, Kamau said the situation called for quick intervention in terms of raising awareness on the need for sick people to seek treatment.

He appealed to local leaders including the Nyumba Kumi clusters and other interest groups to lead a concerted effort to encourage sick people to seek treatment as well as dispel fears that one can contract the virus by visiting a hospital.

“We want our people to be well informed that hospitals are safe and ready to treat any other sickness apart from coronavirus,” said the CEO.