Thugs raid C.S Aisha Jumwa’s Nairobi Home

Public Service CS Aisha Jumwa

Thugs armed with crude weapons gained access to Public Service C.S Aisha Jumwa’s newly acquired Loresho home in Nairobi.

According to police reports, the altercation occurred at 1:45pm and lasted for 4 hours. The thugs cut through the electric perimeter fence and further accessed the house through a kitchen door that was unlocked.

At the time of the robbery, C.S Jumwa was not present as she was on official duty, leaving her daughters and a house help. While no one was seriously injured they were left petrified.

The gang first went to the master bedroom where they made away with two laptops and gold jewelry before ransacking the other rooms where they not only stole three mobile phones but also jewelry and approximately 1.1 million shillings.

The police report further states that the guards on duty were actively missing from the scene prompting them to conclude that they might have been part of the gang that raided the premise.

The police further indicated that they were not aware that the C.S lived there, as they would have provided armed security to her residence. They claimed that the gang probably had prior knowledge of the house.