After Keter’s nomination was revoked, Kitur will fly the UDA flag in Nandi Hills.
Bernard Kitur has been chosen as the United Democratic Alliance’s (UDA) candidate for Nandi Hills MP in the forthcoming August General Election.

Following charges of anomalies in the Tuesday, April 19 election, the constituency’s nomination results, in which Alfred Keter had been announced winner, were nullified.
Keter received 10,363 votes, while Kitur received 7,468 votes, according to the findings.

“The nomination was plagued by irregularities and illegalities that harmed the outcome of the whole nomination process; there was widespread violence during the nominations; and the entire nomination was a farce,” Kitur told the party’s elections dispute tribunal.
Kitur’s appeal has validity, according to Committee members Collins Kiprono, Mary Mungai, and Adrian Kamotho Njenga