A car dives out of a 12-storey parking building. PHOTO/COURTSEY

A woman in Kisumu county escaped death narrowly after her car dived out form the first floor the 12-storey Mega Plaza building in Kisumu.

The accident happened after the woman dropped her husband off on the first floor yesterday at Midday.

A security guard on the floor who witnessed the ordeal said the vehicle slammed into the protective bars of the parking lot, flying off onto the roof of Lake market. “I had to run for my dear life,” the guard said.

Another witness said she saw a car fly off the building.

“It seems the woman might have engaged the drive gear instead of reverse and accelerated,” she said. She urged the building management to raise the parking lot barriers to prevent such an incident.

The driver sustained minor injuries and was taken to Avenue hospital. A close family said the accident happened as a result of brake failure.

Police have launched investigations as the vehicle was taken to Kisumu Central Police Station.