Director General Communication Authority of Kenya

Ezra Chiloba, the CEO of Kenya’s Communication Authority, has detailed his team’s participation in the upcoming elections.
According to Chiloba, who spoke on Spice FM, their responsibility in the polls will be threefold: supporting IEBCKenya by coordinating mobile carriers to provide reliable connectivity, media monitoring to guarantee compliance with Programming Cod, and managing internet to prevent misuse during this season.
Chiloba says they will conduct a monthly evaluation of compliance levels by operators within six months of the extended duration of SIM Card Registration, with the goal of protecting the consumer’s interests.
The communication authority will conduct a full compliance audit on each of the mobile providers after the six-month extension period has expired.
When they encourage people to comply with SIM Card Regulation, Chiloba clarifies that they mean the operators must have their name, address, and identification document, as well as a birth certificate in the event of minors.
He warns that hawking SIM cards is unlawful, and that you must only buy your SIM card from a dealer or an agent. “If you don’t, you’ll have problems in the future.”
He claims they’re working with the IEBC-Kenya to map polling station connectivity. Only over 1,000 of Kenya’s 27,000 voting sites have connectivity issues, which the IEBC-Kenya will address through complementary procedures.
In comparison to the 2017 general election, he continued, around 96 percent of the country now has 3G-4G mobile network access.