Interior CS Fred Matiang’i

During the next general election, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has informed the public that the government will not interfere with internet or election broadcast.

According to the Constitution, which protects freedom of expression and speech, CS Matiang’i stated that the state completely respects the democratic space during the national cyber security workshop in Naivasha.

“We are approaching elections and the biggest debate is about how we are going to behave with each other in the era of fake news and the unprecedented abuse of social media. The government is not going to act otherwise. We respect the freedom of Kenyans,” he stated.

In recent months, DP Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza team has claimed that the government is plotting to meddle with the transmission of election results through the ICT ministry.

“We have been accused of all manner of things but this will not tempt us to retrogressive steps like shutting down the internet during the elections as we respect the rights of all,” CS Matiang’i addressed the issue.

Addressing the subject of cybersecurity, he stated that the plan would be useful in tackling data protection issues between the security forces and the business sector.

The CS then went on to discuss the contentious Huduma Namba; stressing that it was designed to make government services easier by combining all personal data.