Deputy Governor ordered to vacate office within 2 days

A notice pinned at the Isiolo Deputy Governor’s office door by O.S. Baslum contractor’s site engineer asking the former to vacate his office by May 13, without identifying an alternative place of work.

Isiolo Deputy Governor Dr. Abdi Issa has been ordered to vacate his office within two day to give room for continuation of an ongoing construction work.

In a notice pinned to his office door by O.S. Baslum contractor’s site engineer, the Deputy Governor is urged to vacate his office by May 13, this year without identifying an alternative vacant place of work.

The deputy governor could not be reached for comment, but his Personal Assistant said that only his boss was issued with notice out of 18 offices in the building.

He added that the county assembly Speaker, Halake Roba’s office and that of the governor Dr. Mohamed Kuti which are adjacent were not interfered with in the issuance of vacate notice by the contractor.

 The Deputy Governor had been complaining on several occasions on how he was receiving cold treatment to the extent of his toilet being brought down by the construction workers last year.

Dr. Issa who complained of operating office without toilet accused the some members of the executive of working without consulting him on matters pertaining to his work place.

He had also raised the issue with senior officers in County government, whom he deemed to be undermining him, not knowing the Deputy Governor was a constitutional office and needs respect.

When contacted, O. S. Baslum contractor’s site engineer Chris Mwanzui said that his office gave notice to all occupants in the building including the Governor on February 26, 2020.