Do not be in a hurry to leave camps, flood victims told

One of the houses destroyed by floods in Bunyala Sub County. A section of flood victims is already moving back to their homes to reconstruct their houses.

Busia County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri has advised victims of floods in Bunyala Sub County not to be in a hurry to go back to their homes.

Speaking to KNA in his office on Wednesday, Kanyiri noted that floods in the area had subsided due to reduced rainfall.

“But those staying in the camps should be patient and observe the weather situation,” he said adding that the rains are likely to continue until June according to the weather forecast.

He urged them to listen to reports from the media to get updates of the unfolding weather changes.

“I would also advise the victims to use mosquito nets for intended purposes instead of waiting to be issued with new ones whenever floods strike,” he said.

The CC at the same time advised the victims to observe high levels of hygiene in order to prevent outbreak of cholera and other waterborne diseases.

“The same people who have been displaced this year are the ones who were affected last year,” he noted adding that they should not use mosquito nets for fishing or fencing vegetable gardens.

At least 42,000 people in Bunyala Sub County have been displaced by floods after River Nzoia broke its banks.

They are camping in 73 centres including churches within the raised areas of the Sub County.

The Government through the Ministry of Devolution has been assisting them by providing food and non-food items while in the camps.