Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua

Rigathi Gachagua, the deputy president, is pleased with his Twitter nickname “Riggy G” and intends to honor the lady who came up with the catchy name.

The DP said that he had given his sons instructions to find the lady, Ivy Chelimo, for a special meal with his family, he said while in an interview with Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura.

He said that he intended to use some of his Ksh1.22 million monthly income to help Chelimo improve her own financial situation. Gachagua said he was delighted with the nickname and thought it had a good touch compared to his official one.

“The young lady who decided that Rigathi Gachagua is a little bit difficult and not melodious, we need to give him the name Riggy G. To encourage our young people, I took up the name in strides. I have told my sons to look for that girl to come we have dinner. I want to encourage that young girl, I will see what I can do for her so that I can see, from my salary, if I can boost her a little bit to be able to do something,” he stated.

Chelimo was acknowledged as the creator of the Twitter nickname Riggy G since she was the first person to use it.