Flood victims receive sanitary pads

Busia Municipality Assistant County Commissioner Christine Chelagat distributing sanitary pads to flood victims at Sifugwe Primary school on behalf of the County Commissioner.

Bunyala Sub County Public Health Nurse Lilian Wanyama has appealed to well-wishers to consider providing sanitary towels to women and adolescent girls living in various camps after being displaced by floods.

Speaking after the distribution of the sanitary towels at Bunyala Technical Training College on Tuesday, Wanyama pointed out that a number of well-wishers have provided food and non-food items to the victims but sanitary items often miss out.

“We appreciate all the kind of help to victims but I am appealing to anyone who can provide sanitary towels to women to do so as it will be of much help to them,” she said.

 “Reproductive women and adolescent girls should be given sanitary towels so that they can remain confident as they undergo challenges of staying away from their homes,’ she said.

She pointed out that access to medical attention was also a challenge as the health facilities were far from the camps but the county had organized for outreach programmes where health care workers visit the camps to offer health services.

The official encouraged expectant mothers at Msirimba Primary School camp to continue attending ante natal clinics at Msirimba Catholic Mission Hospital explaining that necessary arrangements had been put in place to ensure that they are attended to.

‘Those whose delivery dates are nearing should also go to the facility because I have already talked to the father-in-charge,” she said.

Meanwhile 12 displaced persons staying in various camps have been arrested for failing to wear face masks in public places.