The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) has fined four petrol stations for selling gasoline at a higher price than the legal limit.
The four retail stations facing stern punishment, according to the Ministry of Petroleum, are located in Migori, Kehancha, Awendo, and Isebania.
The stations’ sanctioning came amid a flurry of inquiries and surveillance, including a DCI inquiry into enterprises that were accused of failing to maintain minimum operational stockpiles or hoarding petroleum.
Gasoline supplies have also been restored in most sections of the country, according to the Petroleum Ministry, after a nearly three-week-long fuel deficit.
“As of yesterday, the Ministry can report that the bulk of gasoline retail stations throughout the country were operating normally.” The long lines that had been present for the past two weeks had vanished, and regularity in petroleum supplies had been restored, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Petroleum on Tuesday.
According to Ministry figures, between April 14 and April 18, a total of 10.6 million litres of super fuel and 13.3 million litres of diesel were loaded and distributed around the country.
Nonetheless, there have been pockets of fuel shortages in various sections of the country over what has been a long period of time.
Only one fuel pump was operational in Salgaa on Monday, forcing inhabitants, including bodaboda riders, to purchase the commodity on the black market, where a litre of petrol can cost up to Ksh.200 Motorists in the town had to wait in line well into Monday night to get the item.
The Ministry of Petroleum announced on Thursday that it would restore fuel supply across the country within 72 hours.