Four suspected cattle thieves have been lynched  in Kisii South sub county  after they were allegedly caught in the  act.

 The  suspects  had struck at  two  homesteads at Kiabusura ,near the boundary of Bobasi and Kisii South sub-counties  and drove away three cows as curfew on coronavirus was being observed.

Irate residents raised an alarm, gave chase, and caught up with a suspect thus  recovering the animals.

On interrogation, the suspect  assisted the residents to trace and arrest  other accomplices before lynching them.

Residents  interviewed  complained of increasing cases of burglary and thefts including cattle, poultry and household items  during the covid19 curfew period.

Andrew Nyang’ate and Benjamin Makori criticized officers attached to  Montonto Police Post   for harassing them instead of protecting their property and  petitioned the authorities to intervene.

Area OCPD Betreace Kigaru confirmed the incident  disclosing  the  recovered cows had been stolen from Josephine Oiko and Tom Obonyo adding   investigations had been launched on the same.

Police from Gesonso, Kisii South, arrived and removed the bodies to Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital.