Frontline health workers rewarded for their critical role in Covid-19 pandemic

Mombasa Rotary Club President Hanif Parkar (R) hands over food parcel to a frontline health worker at the Mombasa Hospital during a ceremony on Thursday, May 21, 2020 as a recognition to their critical role in fighting covid-19.

The Mombasa Rotary Club has distributed food parcels to frontline healthcare workers at the Mombasa Hospital as an appreciation during this novel coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic.

Mombasa Rotary Club president Hanif Parkar said the healthcare workers as the frontline soldiers against covid-19 deserve tokens of recognition, appreciation and support.

Parkar spoke at the Mombasa Hospital on Thursday during a ceremony to issue the healthcare workers with certificates of appreciation and food hampers.

The donations included wheat and maize flour, beans, rice, cooking oil, salt, sugar, tea leaves and bar soaps and washing powder to help the healthcare workers cope during this pandemic.

He said the frontline health workers are committed to the health and safety of the people during this emergency health crisis and deserve support for their selfless service to humanity.

Parkar said the frontline healthcare workers play a critical role in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

He said they have organised the food rations through the support of the not-for-profit organisations Mamujee Brothers and the Sir Yusuf Ali charitable trust. 

The Rotarian said as the impact of covid-19 continues to evolve the frontline healthcare workers play an important role in the fight against the pandemic in the country.

“They therefore require the support of all Kenyans now more than ever before,” he said.