Nairobi expressway Mlolongo exit. PHOTO|COURTESY

When it comes to the subject of public service vehicles (PSVs), also known as matatus, utilizing the Ksh88 billion elevated road, the government and the Chinese company running the expressway, Moja Expressway, appear to be following separate scripts.

One of the city’s top PSV operators, Super Metro Sacco, is caught up in this issue and has expressed its displeasure when the government reversed a decree permitting PSVs on the road.

Super Metro’s chairman, Nelson Mwangi, said the company proceeded to ensure that its vehicles met all regulations to utilize the nation’s newest highway.

“We have made sure that all our vehicles meet all the required standards to operate on the road, and yet only one out of the 5 accidents that occurred along the expressway involved a PSV. We feel that its unfair from the government to do this,” he stated.

 Speking to Citizen TV, CS James Macharia pointed out that due to safety issues and the often odd behavior of PSV drivers, the government wishes to prohibit matatus from using the roads.

The PSV operators are left baffled by this situation since they risk being detained by police officials sent by the Ministry of Transportation while yet being permitted to use the route by its operator, Moja Expressway Company.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) required clearance certificates from all Saccos in order to utilize the road, demonstrating that each of their cars is roadworthy.