Government warns of action against those ignoring health guidelines on Covid-19

Marsabit Central DCC Patrick Muriira makes a statement regarding the fight against the coronavirus after leading heads of department and public servants in planting trees at SKM primary school to mark the African Public Service Day

Marsabit residents have been asked to strictly adhere to guidelines issued by the government to fight the ravaging novel coronavirus not only to avoid contracting the virus but escape legal penalties.

The call comes in the backdrop of interventions by the government to mitigate against the effects of the Covid-19 that include awareness creation and psychosocial support running into millions of shillings.

Marsabit County Commissioner Evans Achoki through remarks made by Marsabit Central DCC Patrick Muriira warned that those contravening the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health would be arrested and punished according to the law.

Speaking at SKM primary school after leading a tree planting exercise to mark the African Public Service Day, Mr Muriira said it had been noted that people in urban centers including Marsabit Town were no longer wearing face masks or observing social distancing.

The concern was vindicated Sunday by the CAS for health Dr Mercy Mwangangi during the daily Covid-19 briefings where she announced confirmation of two positive cases from Marsabit County.

The DCC cautioned that nobody would be allowed to negate the gains made so far in keeping the disease at bay adding that controlling the spread of the virus was the responsibility of every citizen.

In the recent past, the national government has complimented efforts of the county government, organizations and individuals by distributing over 30,000 face masks and 3,000 litres of alcohol based hand sanitizers.

The county has also benefited from over 6 tons of an assortment of relief food items that was directly distributed to 10,000 targeted vulnerable households.

The DCC added that special groups who include 400 people living with severe disability have also been aided with a monthly Sh 2,000 stipend for the last three months.

The measures taken have seen 6,870 older persons receive in the past three months Sh 54 million under the older persons’ cash transfer program.

Calling on the residents to observe the ministry of health code of behavior during this time of the pandemic, he said that the government would soon enlist 760 youths to the Kazi Mtaani initiative in order to offer employment and cushion them against the pandemic.

He disclosed that 304 and 456 applications from Mountain and Nagayo locations that are a host to informal settlements had been received and were being processed.