Machakos County Governor Alfred Mutua

According to Machakos lead representative Alfred Mutua, Wiper party founder Kalonzo Musyoka could care less about Kenyans or his family in Ukambani, but only about himself and the goals he wants to achieve. He is one of three Ukambani lead delegates that have been challenging and chastising the former Vice President and finding flaws in whatever he does.
He now claims that the pioneer has brought his ego to Azimio and is being motivated by something similar to only push for what helps him personally, primarily the position he would occupy in the future system.
This, according to Mutua, is in contrast to what he and his accomplices later seek, which is benefits and treats for their relatives, as evidenced by their pleas to Azimio chief and ODM party founder Raila Odinga. He goes on to say that they are not entirely in accord with Kalonzo, because unlike him, who is against to improvement, they are in favour of it.
“It’s a philosophical piece. While Kalonzo has been the top dog, Ukambani has continued to be the underdog. He is a decent man, yet he lacks the necessary DNA to advance. When we, the three leading representatives, get down to negotiate for projects, youth occupations, and funding for our family, Kalonzo negotiates for his political position “According to the Maendeleo Chapchap pioneer,
His remarks come as Kalonzo is vying for the Azimio running mate position, with some of his partners agreeing that if he doesn’t get it, he’ll depart. Mutua claims that they are different since they gathered Azimio with clean hands and are not caving in to any individual’s requests to continue supporting Raila.
In any event, he is one of the people who has expressed interest in delegating to Raila, who is vying for the position after four failed bids.