Higher Education Loan Board

The Higher Education Loan Board sent out an important letter this morning to all Kenyans who work as civil officials in the national or county governments and are interested in pursuing postgraduate courses.
Kenyans can apply for the Training Revolving Fund Loan if they are civil servants or work in the county government, according to the Higher Education Loan Board.
To apply for the loan, you will simply need to provide the following documentation:
1) A letter of acceptance from the institution where you want to pursue your postgraduate studies.
2) You should also be able to present a letter from your employer.
3) Finally, you should be able to provide two guarantors who have completed the course.
Apply by going to the website of the Higher Education Loan Board.
When you apply for the loan, you can get up to Ksh 500,000, with a funding rate of 4% per year and a payback duration of 72 months, or 6 years.