Gas cylinders PHOTO|COURTESY

Cooking gas prices have recently shot up to the highest they have ever been. The rise has been largely influenced by the ongoing Russia – Ukraine crisis that has brought about introduction of Value Added Tax on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

The new relative cost of refilling a 13kg gas cylinder has jumped to Ksh3,300.

Rubis Energy Kenya has increased their retail prices by Ksh250 bringing the new cost to Ksh3,340 from and Ksh1,560 for a 6kg cylinder, consumers of the 35kg cylinder having to pay Ksh8,760 from the initial Ksh8,191 before the VAT.

Russia is rated second in the production of natural gas in the world and one of the world’s largest oil-producing nations.

Kenyan consumers have been left with little options with kerosene being on the rise retailing at Ksh105.68 while charcoal remains scarce due to the 2018 government ban on logging. Both fuels have been listed to cause environmental degradation.

Energy expert Allan Chege beseeched Kenyans to expect tougher times in the near future as the demand for petroleum products amplifies.

“Kenya draws it’s petroleum imports from the Arab states. A possible interruption supply in Europe due to the ongoing crisis will push up demand for the products, hence increase in prices,” he said