Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition Party presidential candidate Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga, Azimio presidential candidate, has outlined how his administration will lower living expenses within the first 100 days of taking office.

In a media interview on Tuesday, Raila declared that he will make changes to the national budget to direct more money into initiatives that will lower the cost of essential goods.

He noted that the funds would allow the government to provide subsidies for some necessities, like fuel, which affect the price of other goods.

“We will look at the budget and make some adjustments in terms of expenditure both recurrent and development so that we can feed the people. We are talking about reducing the price of essential commodities such as maize floor, cooking oil and petrol,” he explained

Raila explained that his administration would collaborate with domestic and international businesses that have been supplying products to create a plan for cutting costs while assuring their continued existence.

The Azimio flagbearer stated that his administration would also make sure that initiatives that would increase job prospects for Kenyans were implemented.

His running mate Martha Karua added that they will take some of the policies of the late President Mwai Kibaki’s administration.

Karua further defended Azimio by stating that, despite Raila’s tight connection with President Uhuru Kenyatta, the best he can do is offer the Head of State advise regarding the present cost of living.

“Azimio is not in the government, but it is true that there is a relationship between Raila and Uhuru. We are not able to do anything – all we can do is maybe Raila to speak to the President, but at the moment we are not privy to the on-goings of the government,” she stated.

Raila, on his part, reaffirmed that he can only give suggestions to the President, whom he backed, claiming that Uhuru’s efforts to protect Kenyans from inflation were hampered by the disagreements in his Cabinet.