President William Ruto at Faith Evangelistic Ministry (FEM) in Karen

Kenyans have been urged by President William Ruto to pray for increased income collection and a reduction in Kenya’s debt.
President Ruto emphasized in his speech on Sunday at the Faith Evangelistic Ministry (FEM) church in Karen that the existing revenue collection contributes little to the GDP of the country and has to be increased.

The President emphasized that the country collects Ksh. 2.1 trillion in income, falling short of his Ksh. 4 trillion goal.

“Countries like ours raise between 20 and 25% percent of their GDP in terms of revenue but for us, we are 14%. I want you to pray for our nation so that we can move our revenue from 14% to 25% because that is where countries like ours are,” he stated.

“I have agreed with our taxmen that as a country we must move our revenue collection to between Ksh.4 and Ksh.5 trillion and I am trusting God for it.” he added.

President Ruto also emphasized the urgent need to address the devastating drought that has been felt throughout the country, stressing that the administration is aiming to plant 15 billion trees across the country.

He asked the church to inspire Kenyans to take action, stating that it is everyone’s responsibility, not just that of the persons affected, to end the drought.

“I need help in changing our environment and we have purposed to grow 15 billion trees. God gave us this country we must take care of it,” he emphasized.