Botenga ward residents in South Mugirango constituency have protested against an impassible key road connecting the area to neighbouring counties.

The protestors claimed they experienced difficulties in directly accessing Migori and Narok counties   and demanded the Nduru – Rongo University road, fixed to an all –weather- condition.

Economic activities in the area further remained vulnerable from the marauding effects of coronavirus pandemic.

According to the residents, their pleas over the deplorable state of the road to the area political leadership had been ignored.

Those interviewed claimed the road had been neglected for a long period yet it was crucial in ferrying sugarcane to the nearby sugar factory in  Migori county.

They observed the road was also used by students to commute to and from the institution of higher learning when in session.

The residents further claimed some tenants including university students who operated from rental premises in the area   had relocated because of the poor state of the road  hence affecting the residents  economically.

They accused the area political representatives of disrespecting their own pledges over the rehabilitation of the road.

Speaking to the area MCA, James Ngisa through phone, he dismissed the claims of the residents and termed them as cheap politics.