Increase Covid-19 Testing Centres

Medics at Nakuru West clinic being tested after two weeks of quarantine. Some medics had tested Covid-19 positive. 

Nakuru residents have appealed to the Ministry of Health to increase Covid-19 testing centres countrywide and make it a voluntary affair to encourage more people test and know their status as a way of curbing the spread of the coronavirus. 

            Speaking on behalf of the residents, the Chairman of People’s Watch Lobby group, Jesse Karanja, said many residents were willing to know their status instead of spreading the disease unknowingly. 

            “Residents are willing to be tested because they want to protect their families, neighbours and the community, however, there are no known designated testing centres,” says Karanja. 

            He said since the cessation of movements in Nairobi and Mombasa was lifted, the surging numbers in the county was worrying and a number of people fear that they might be positive but have no idea where tests are offered. 

            He urged the ministry of health to borrow from the HIV and Aids strategy of ‘test and know your status’ in managing the coronavirus in the country. He was speaking today during a press conference in Nakuru town. 

            The lobby chairman added that the closing of county offices and the Nakuru west clinic last week where some medics tested positive has jolted the residents to the realization that they can no longer bury their heads in the sand. 

            Two weeks ago the County had less than twenty coronavirus positive cases but within a few days they have increased to almost three hundred.