Joho corrects his critics on Covid-19

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho making remarks while receiving donations from Private sector in his office

Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho has lashed out on his critics on the achievements the Mombasa County Covid-19 Committee has attained in a record time. 

The governor said he has heard and listened to many debates and arguments on how he has led from the front in the fight against coronavirus pandemic, while urging people to stay on alert since circumstances might change. 

Joho observed that in processes like these there are nay sayers and people with negative energy who refuse to understand the current situation as it is and they will say too many things to look for an excuse and find something negative to say. 

“Personally I have developed a thick skin enough to fathom all the negative energy intended on to us. We are moving forward. We want to be that county that stood together. We want to be that city that in the midst of the COVID pandemic we were able to pull on a common front because we are in a position to be helpful to others,” said the governor. 

He added that is exactly what the committee led by the private sector in collaboration with public sector and individuals are going to do, adding that they will not to be swayed or lose focus, but instead they will stick to the plan to ensure at some point,  change of narrative by their critics. 

            He noted that initially as a committee they thought that the Covid-19 pandemic globally was something that could have been dealt with in a short period of time but have since seen what is going on and he cannot sit back. 

            “How can I be seated comfortably at home even on self-quarantine or isolation? We can’t because we are in leadership we must be leading from the front,” narrated Joho. 

 “Let us accept the fact that we have learnt a lot from our own practice and the world. We have directives that if properly followed the narrative can change,” said Joho.

He stated that Governments have done and will continue what they are supposed to do but largely the control is in the hands of the people. 

Joho said going forward how everyone behaves, moves and the conduct our day to day businesses will make a difference in the fight against the deadly disease. 

The governor appreciated the private sector for lending a helping hand, saying he was grateful to the private sector in Mombasa saying one would have imagined there could be some form of fatigue in giving out, but I can affirm that the Committee is still receiving overwhelming support towards helping the people.