The Nairobi Expressway

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has vowed to improve the poor quality of drainage systems along the Nairobi Expressway in response to public criticism.
After a severe downpour on Monday evening, motorists expressed their concerns. A drainpipe was loosely dangling from a roadway on a portion of the Mombasa Road, dumping rainwater on cars below, according to videos published online.
The designated contractor has not yet completed work on the drainage systems, KeNHA confirmed in a statement on Monday, but assured motorists that the situation will be remedied as soon as feasible.
“We apologise for any inconveniences created as a result of this incidence. The contractor is working to ensure that the Nairobi Expressway’s drainage, among other features, is completed and fixed in a safe manner for all motorists “KeNHA said.
“In the meantime, the contractor has sent additional work teams and equipment to focus on all outstanding works, including the drainage system, with the goal of completing the project before the rains cause peak flows,” the statement stated.
As crews try to resolve the problem, motorists are encouraged to exercise caution while driving through the affected regions.
“While the work to fix the situation continues, we urge motorists to exercise caution when driving through storm water in the impacted locations.”