Chief Justice Martha Koome

According to Chief Justice Martha Koome, Kenya is being observed by the entire globe due to the developed democracy that was demonstrated in the elections of 2022.

Justice Koome said on Wednesday in Imenti North Constituency, Meru County, that the independence of the Kenyan judicial system is admired across the world.

“This is not by might or might, but by God’s grace,” she stated.

“The entire Africa and even the world is saying they are looking upon Kenya for leadership and also independent institutions, especially the institution of the Judiciary. This is not because of power, this is not because of my might…it is because of the faithful God that we serve,” she said.

On Monday, the Supreme Court denied an appeal brought by Raila Odinga, finding the petitioners lacked sufficient proof of irregularities in the presidential election.

International organizations praised Kenya after the decision, saying that the nation’s democracy had advanced.

In the election on August 9, President-elect Ruto received 7.2 million votes, or 50.49 percent of the total. Even though Mr. Odinga contested this outcome, the court determined that he had been legitimately elected, clearing the path for him to be sworn in as the nation’s fifth president the following Tuesday.