Diana Clara Ojenge alias Mishi Dorah, star in Nairobi Diaries, has been accused in Kibera with acquiring Sh152,550 credit under false pretenses after dining and consuming pricey liquor at a city restaurant.

Ms Ojenge is accused of spending the night of May 26 and the morning of May 27 at Golden Ice Bistro in Nextgen Mall in South C on Mombasa Road in Nairobi.

She ordered two chicken breasts for Sh3,000, one cocktail drink worth Sh2,000, two bottles of 300ml coke worth Sh500, a one litre bottle of mineral water worth Sh400, and three bottles of Redbull energy drink worth Sh1,650, according to the court.

Ms. Ojenge allegedly stated that her bank card was malfunctioning and that she was unable to pay.

She asked to be taken home to gather some cash, but even after two restaurant authorities accompanied her to her home, she was unable to pay the amount.

She allegedly requested the management to allow her till Monday this week to pay the debt, but she refused instead ceased answering the phone calls from management.

She was reported to the Akila police station, where she was tracked down and detained.

She argued for reasonable bail and bond terms before main magistrate Monicah Maroro, denying the accusations.

Ms Ojenge was freed on a Sh50,000 cash bail and a Sh100,000 alternative bond with a Sh50,000 surety the case will be mentioned on June 16.