Ongoing road construction in Othaya ahead of Kibaki’s state burial

Despite the fact that the whole Kenyan country is in sorrow following the death of late Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, inhabitants of Nyeri county, particularly those in Othaya constituency (late Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki’s home seat), have reason to grin.

Though it is a difficult period for Othaya locals and the Kenyan country as a whole, some development has shaken the region in preparation for the late former president’s burial procession.

Roads leading to the ceremony’s location have been built, as well as tents at both the burial venue and his house in Othaya, Nyeri county.

Though it may appear to some as a minor development, road building is critical in the transportation of people and products from one location to another, allowing trade and, in turn, triggering the growth of a region.

People who use these under-construction roads will now have a cause to smile, as it will serve as a remembrance of Mwai Kibaki’s burial procession.