Nancy Munjiro, a 21-year-old single mother, is suspected for killing her two kids at Kianjogu village in Kahuro yesterday afternoon.

The mother went wild, stabbing the two boys while in their grandmother’s house before attempting suicide. The area assistant chief Ms. Lucy Muthoni Kimani told the detectives that Munjiro had visited her mother for the festive season as she worked as a housekeep in Kiria-ini. The suspect was yet to return to her workplace for reasons unknown.

The grandmother left the kids with their mother only to come back to a murder scene. The 2-year old had passed on but the 4-year old still had a faint pulse. He was rushed to Muriranjas hospital where he was referred to Murang’a County hospital in serious condition.

Police on visiting the scene found a hanging rope from the roof. They suspected the culprit might have attempted to take her life before considering to flee.

Murang’a detectives have launched a manhunt for the suspect who left locals dumbfounded.