Learners gifted sanitary towels in Bungoma amid Covid-19 pandemic

Beneficiaries of the sanitary pads

At least 300 learners from Bungoma town today benefited from a donation of sanitary towels by community based organization; Bungoma Youth Connect (BYC) and Rotary Club of Bungoma.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a rise in teenage pregnancies in the area due to lack of funds to buy sanitary towels, which has forced learners to get involved in premature sex causing unwanted pregnancies.

Bungoma Youth Connect is a charity organization that seeks to sensitize the youth and learners through health advocacy, youth mentorship, improving talents and peace championing.

In a press conference after the disbursement of the sanitary pads to the 300 schoolgirls, Joel Omondi the Bungoma Youth Connect president said that the organization aims at sensitizing learners on the importance of keeping safe amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I decided to have this vital function to make sure that many of the youth are cushioned amid Covid-19 pandemic because many are going through challenges,’’ he said.

He urged leaders and the Ministries of Health and Education to consider issuing sanitary towels to schoolgirls even when they are at home to safeguard them against falling prey to sex predators.

“We all know that at this time many of our school girls are desperate and we need to support them fully and also the boy child should not been left behind,” said Omondi.

He lauded Rotary Club of Bungoma for their continuous support and partnership and called on other organizations to come on board and support the girlchild.

His sentiments were echoed by Jacinta Atieno a member of Bungoma Rotary Club who said that their organization is working closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure that learners are taught how to keep safe and avoid contracting Coronavirus.

Atieno added that a Sh50, 000 budget has been drawn up to buy more sanitary towels to serve learners in the Muslim, Mufutu and Bungoma town areas.

“This budget is not enough to cover all areas in Bungoma, we need to support learners in the entire County so well-wishers can come support this drive,’’ she said.