Livestock Traders Decry Harassment by Security Officers

Suswa Member of County Assembly (MCA) Kipas Ole Lengwes speaking at Nairegie Enkare area after residents accused police of mistreating them while implementing measures put in place to curb Coronavirus.

Residents of Suswa and Mosiro wards in Narok East Sub County have raised alarm over police harassment of livestock traders after the county government closed all open-air markets.

Led by Suswa Member of County Assembly (MCA) Kipas Ole Lengwes, the residents claimed that any person found selling his or her livestock was beaten thoroughly, and forced to share the money realised from the transaction with the police.

He observed that despite the fact that the residents sell their livestock at a low price to attract immediate customers, the security officers mistreat them and demand to have a share of the little money from the sale of their livestock.

“We feel we are being mistreated after the markets were closed because our people are livestock farmers and depend on the livestock for their livelihood. Preventing the Maasai community from selling their livestock is like preventing them from eating,” said Ole Lengwes.

He spoke in Nairegie Enkare area today after herders threatened to demonstrate to make their cry heard by the government.

“We are no longer ready to bribe the askaris to allow us sell our produce because this is a big loss to our people who struggle to make their living,” the MCA said bitterly.

Mosiro MCA Salankat Ole Nchoe called on the government to open the markets saying the residents were ready to comply with the laid down measures to avert Covid-19.

However, Narok County Commissioner Samuel Kimiti criticised the residents for engaging in black markets and not following the laid down regulations to combat Covid -19, a situation that has led to all the markets to remain closed.

Kimiti asked the residents to report any police officer who asks for a bribe saying it was criminal since all the officers were paid salaries to do their job.