Man City defensive midfilder Calvin Philips with is girlfriend

In preparation for the upcoming season, England defender Kalvin Philips spent two weeks in Kenya. The 24-year-old, who was just acquired by Manchester City, recently traveled to a number of vacation spots in the nation, including the Tsavo National Park.

Philips, who was with his girlfriend Ashleigh Behan, shared numerous pictures of their trip on social media, revealing his passion for wild creatures.

“The past two weeks we traveled to Kenya on a Safari which was an experience I don’t think we will ever be able to top!! Me and Ashleigh absolutely love animals so having the chance to do our best David Attenborough is something we won’t ever forget seeing these animals in the wild was unreal! ” He posted.

Additionally, the former Leeds United player mentioned that they got the opportunity to visit a Masai village where they gained knowledge on the community.

“We also had the opportunity to visit a Masai village. It was an incredible time learning about the history of the tribe. Experiences like this really puts things into perspective and the people were so welcoming,” he stated.