Motivational Speaker Kimutai Choge

Residents of Nandi were shocked when a 37-year-old man gave President William Ruto part of his family’s land to build a center for youth empowerment as a congratulatory present for winning the presidential election.

Mr.Kimutai surprised his family members after giving the title document to the relevant local authorities to finalize the transfer and register the stated land under Ruto’s name.

Kimutai requested the head of state to establish the ‘Dr. William Ruto Empowerment Academy and Resource Center’ as a youth empowerment and resource center.

“The best way to celebrate President William Ruto’s win to give out my family land for the contruction of a Youth Training Center to nature talent and inspire discouraged youths and mentor those struggling with drug abuse,” Mr Kimutai stated.

Kimutai envisioned the center as a top-notch rehabilitation center that could educate more than 400 young people from all around the nation.

The opening of the center, he continued, would lower the cost of hiring social halls and conference rooms for youth organizing various empowerment meetings.

Mr. Choge claimed that the President’s inspiring journey from a humble chicken vendor to holding the office of President of Kenya inspired him to give up his land.

“This was a great inspiration to many youths who may have previously believed things are impossible and that not just anyone could rise to become President unless one came from prominent families,” he said.