Moses Njoroge Muiruri, was shot and killed in broad daylight in the Mirema Springs area on Monday afternoon after dropping a woman and her baby home.

Njoroge was driving a Honda CRV when he was blocked by another car, a white Toyota Premio, after dropping the two off at Mirema Springs residences in Nairobi at approximately 4pm, according to preliminary findings.

An armed guy dressed in a suit and covering his face behind a cap alighted from the Premio and fired four shots into the motorist’s chest.

According to witnesses, the guy was on a mission to murder the driver, as he fired at him twice more through the window of his car, killing him instantly

The deceased was just shot in the chest, according to police. Six 9mm expended cartridges, four mobile phones, and the deceased’s personal items, including nine Identity Cards, were seized at the site, according to a police report.