TikTok comedian Joe Mukabi met with Azimio La Umoja One’s running mate Martha Wangari Karua after his viral video mimicking her went viral

Even the now-viral video of Nyokabi imitating Karua while campaigning was recreated by the two.

During her campaign rallies, Karua interacts with the crowd by saying hallo, Azimio La Umoja, and other greetings. Nyokabi reenacted this interaction.

In addition to sharing videos and images of Nyokabi and Karua, activist Boniface Mwangi said that the comedian was having financial difficulties but the encounter with Azimio’s running companion changed everything.

“As of this morning, Nyokabi Joe didn’t have a job and had rent arrears. He says he did the Haroo TikTok video hoping to get 10 views but to his surprise, it went viral. He didn’t get any pay but his friends thought he had “made it!” Today, his life changed, thanks to Martha Karua,” Mwangi stated.