Screengrabs from the viral stunt video || COURTESY

The Makadara Law Courts’ sentencing of a reckless driver and tout who were caught on camera doing a risky stunt served as a warning to drivers who flout traffic laws and endanger other road users.

A Ksh130,000 cash bail was imposed for their release. The tout paid Ksh30,000 while the driver was required to post a Ksh100,000 cash bail or Ksh200,000 bond.

Drivers were also cautioned about breaking traffic laws and PSV regulations. The judge also warned that, following sentencing, the Sacco and driver’s licenses would be suspended and other disciplinary actions would be taken.

They were accused of driving recklessly and dangerously as well as neglecting to wear the proper uniform while on duty. Drivers should be in a blue uniform, while touts are supposed to wear a maroon one, driving without the required documents and failing to display a personal photo as instructed were among the extra charges.