Meeting to distribute facemasks and sanitizers ends in disarray in Nyeri town

Nyeri Senator Ephraim Maina (Left) hands over facemasks to Nyeri County Commissioner Lyfford Kibaara for distribution to residents but the event aborted at Whispers Park in Nyeri town after the crowd became unruly

A meeting convened by Nyeri Senator Ephraim Maina to distribute face masks and sanitizers to Nyeri town residents today at Whispers Park ended in chaos after the crowd became unruly.

Trouble started when Senator Maina started to attack Nyeri County government accusing it over misappropriating public funds and misplaced priorities at the expense of essential services like health.

Maina claimed that the devolved unit was constructing roads using substandard materials when there were no drugs in the local health facilities.

The crowd was more angered after their hopes of receiving foodstuff were dashed when they realized that only facemasks and sanitizers were available.

The gathering started booing and heckling the Senator saying they were facing starvation and urgently required food and not facemasks and sanitizers.

 Efforts by the Nyeri County Commissioner (CC) Lyfford Kibaara to calm the crowd fell on deaf ears and Maina was escorted to his vehicle under tight security and driven off.

Mr Kibaara ordered that the sanitizers and the facemasks be re-loaded back into the truck and taken to his office to await distribution at a later date.