In a recent survey performed by The National Police Service showed that 12 to 13 percent of officers in the country suffered from mental health issues. National Police Service Commission Chief Executive Joseph Onyango said the condition has led to a deterioration in performance of the affected officers.

“The mental cases out of the recent assessment is almost trending towards the figure of 12 to 13 percent of the total population of the officers. It’s trending toward the global figures,” he said.

Talking at Chiromo Hospital Group where sixty senior Administration Officers were trained to detect signs of a person suffering from mental health illness, he said they are coming up with ways to curb this alarming threat.

Deputy Inspector General of Police of The Administration Police Service (APS) talked about the new initiatives put in place to help control this danger. He reviewed the communication channels set up for officers as a way to help deal with mental health issues.

An order had been issued by the Inspector General of police, Hillary Mutyambai to deal with any mental illness case straight away.

“Check on triggers and act immediately. Bring him or her to hospital or allow him or her to seek medical services. Triggers include tough work, financial issues, marriage wrangles ,transfers, working far from friends and exposure to stresses” he insisted.

The increased cases of suicide and murders caused by mental illness have increased the awareness.