Cordon tape seals off an active crime scene.

On Wednesday morning, a middle-aged man who had been living with a swarm of bees inside his house in Migori County died after the house collapsed on him.

Atanus Oluoch, the deceased, had been living alone in a house in Sangla village.
According to David Okoth, one of the man’s neighbors, they attempted to rescue the deceased immediately after the house collapsed, but their efforts were thwarted by a swarm of angry bees inside the collapsed house.

The man had already died from his injuries by the time they were able to scare the bees away.

Okoth stated that he was aware that the deceased had lived peacefully in the same house with the swarm of bees for a long time.
Mr Benard Aliwa, the area chief, confirmed the incident, saying they believe the house collapsed due to the heavy rains that fell in the area on Tuesday.

According to the chief, the deceased was stung by bees before dying in the collapsed house.

As investigations into the incident continue, the deceased’s body was moved to the Migori Level Four Hospital mortuary.