Nairobi expressway

The Nairobi Expressway’s operator, Moja Expressway, provided an explanation for why certain matatus continued to use the elevated route despite a temporary prohibition imposed by the Ministry of Transportation.

All saccos were instructed to get clearance certificates from the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) demonstrating that each of their cars is roadworthy.

The official stated that the matatu drivers seen on the elevated expressway had already been given the all-clear to start operations.

“There was a temporary ban for matatus where the Saccos needed to ensure that their vehicles pass the inspection then they can continue using the Expressway.

“They have to pass the inspection because if there is damage along the Expressway, it is the sacco that is going to pay for it,” an expressway representative affirmed.

She went on to say that those who were given the go-ahead to operate needed to be certified and branded with the names of their respective saccos. Following that, the Ministry of Transport should inform the Expressway management to determine which have been cleared.

A matatu is supposed to remove all of its branding and replace it with the new partnership in the event that it breaks off relations with its sacco.